Weaving Focus Group

After learning the basics of warping a loom, we have studied different types of yarns that can be used, different looms, and different types of weaving. Our group meets every other month on the first Thursday.

Arty Theye’s Wool Selvage Rug in Progress
Laurice Johsnon, Krokbragd
Judy Fearn
Brenda Trevis
Sandy Siewert
Sandy Evans, Towels
Visiting Marcia Kjos in her studio in Alma, Wis. A wonderful visit! November ’22
Road trip to Alma Wis, to visit Kristine Kjos at The Commercial. Inspiring!
Laurice Johnson
Nancy Ellison
Old Norwegian Loom
Woven rugs, Nancy Ellison
Laurice Johnson, 3 Color Clasped Weft
Judy Fern
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